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Best of LW Bass II
January 9, 2018

The second instalment of The Best of LW - House presents tracks and remixes from Chubba, Mr Dubz, Sware, Vital Techniques, Dr Cryptic, Bean, Banzai, Midnight Phulin, 'Sikiw, Tsundr, Daze Prism, Kurt Roc Skee, Dephex, Hitman, JFO, Cj Paul Mace, Bank, Johnny H, DJ Hybrid, Velocity, James Webb, ONI ONE, Akito, Tik & Borrow, Aerotonin, Dj Tuco & Dryman feat. John Soulcox, J Beatz & Scope Feat. Capo Lee, Spekktrum & Spookz ft Lil Nasty, MC Vapour & Skibadee, TRUTH feat. Ill Chill, Zena Shaw, Benga & Walsh, Fringe